Essential Oil 


Receive your choice of a free doTERRA touch lavender or peppermint, 9ml roll-on essential oil by hosting an online workshop.  

Lavender is excellent for all things calming, promoting sleep, calming little ones, and soothing irritated skin.  

Peppermint is invigorating and can be used to soothe an occasional upset stomach, morning sickness, headaches, and promote focus. 

How do I receive my free gift? 

Host an online essential oil workshop.  It’s SIMPLE! Bring 5 friends who are interested in learning more about essential oils and heathy living to an interactive, online essential oil workshop that I will teach LIVE.  Everyone can watch and interact in the FREE workshop from the comfort of their own home.

What will I learn in the workshop?

  • What are doTERRA essential oils.
  • Quality and ethical sourcing methods of essential oils.
  • Safety precautions and the 3 application methods of essential oils. 
  • How essential oils can be used to support a daily wellness routine.
  • How to use essential oils specific to the topic of your choice (see below).
  • How to save money purchasing high quality essential oils.

What TOPICS can I choose from for my interactive online workshop?

Option 1. "Essential Oils for a Happy and Healthy Mind, Body & Home." This signature course provides a basic overview of how to use essential oils to support your mood, promote a healthy body, and eliminate toxins in your home.  It is an excellent overview for beginners and is the MOST popular workshop.

Option 2. "Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils."  This workshop provides a basic overview of your 7 major chakras and how to use essential oils to balance them. This workshop is great for yogis or those interested in energy work.

Option 3.  "Ready, set, GLOW: 30 Day Cleanse." This focused workshop provides an overview of your 5 elimination pathways and how to detoxify them with a 30 day cleanse program using targeted herbs and essential ois. This workshop is ideal for the wellness minded individual looking for increased energy, glowing skin, and total body detoxification. 

How do I host an online workshop?

Contact me to select the time and date of your desired workshop. Once we confirm a topic and date, invite your friends to attend your workshop. At the designated time, everyone will hop on their computer, iPad or smart phone using the video conference link I provided and attend the LIVE workshop. I will provide the online Zoom chat room, bring the professional education, visuals, and be available for Q&A. 

How long is the workshop?

Formal teaching is approximately 30 minutes. Attendees are typically eager to learn, are interacting and asking questions which can increase the time to 45-60 minutes.  

The Fine Print.

  • Host must NOT be a current doterra wholesale customer or wellness advocate.
  • At least 3 attendees on the workshop must NOT be a current doterra customer and be over 18 y/o in order for the host to be eligible for the free oil. 
  • At least one essential oil purchase through me (any amount) is required from your online workshop in order to receive the free oil. 

What’s the catch? 

There isn't one. You’ve already read the fine print. My primary goal is to provide high quality education to empower people to feel their best while incorporating essential oils into a healthy lifestyle.  Most of my education is free. I DO make an income when people purchase essential oils from me. My business model is education based and I am here to TEACH you how to feel your very BEST. Over the past 5 years, I have traveled the globe professionally teaching people about essential oils. You can read more about me HERE.

Calling all entrepreneurs! If you are interested in duplicating my business model and earning extra cash. Contact me so we can set up your first online workshop and help you earn your first check.  I will provide the mentorship. *This is only availabe to those who are NOT currently doTERRA members.  You can read more about my business model HERE

Whether your goal is to learn about essential oils to support a healthy lifestyle or it is to earn extra income by teaching wellness, I am here to support you with your desired goal. 

Contact me today to schedule your online workshop. 

In health and happiness, 

Rigel Smith