I'm a Blissed Mama!

Five years ago, however, I was a stressed Occupational Therapist, overworked and spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle.

While seeking alternative healing solutions for several of my patients at the time, I discovered healthy, green living through essential oils, which completely changed my trajectory for the better.

I began to feel remarkably better, and see positive changes in my body, my moods, and  the environment in my home when I began to replace chemical products by making my own homemade solutions. 

Since I quit that job five years ago, I've empowered myself and literally thousands of women to naturally heal our bodies, live chemical-free, and design a life around a thriving business while working from home. Join me and many others in taking the steps to a more blissful mind, body, and home!

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You'll learn how to increase your energy naturally, eliminate toxins from your body, feel your very best on a daily basis, save a ton of money making your own homemade products, reduce stress and anxiety INSTANTLY, increase your immune system... AND SO MUCH MORE!

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